SynFitFloor is a BRAND NEW low cost, high quality alternative to traditional rubber gym mat flooring.

SynFitFloor is a hard, mat-like synthetic vinyl application that is much lighter-weight and more durable than traditional gym mat flooring.

SynFitFloor is produced in 18" x 18" 3mm tiles that can be installed directly on wood or concrete.


Featured synthetic vinyl products

SynSquare is a stone-like synthetic vinyl application, similar to tile, that can be used anywhere tile can be with the exception of bath showers.  

SynSquare is extremely durable and can be made to match just about any design requirement.

SynSquare can be installed directly on wood or concrete substrates with a simple     roll-on adhesive that significantly reduces preparation and install time when compared to tile or other stone products.   

SynCarpet is very similar to SynPlank in that it is a glue-down application, that is 100% waterproof and can be installed virtually anywhere.  

SynCarpet is produced in 18" x 18" squares, similar to commercial carpet squares, with one major difference - it is impervious to wear & tear as well as germ collection when compared to typical commercial carpet installations.  

SynCarpet offers an amazing alternative to commercial carpet without sacrificing color, style, or design.  

SynPlank is a durable flooring application, similar to LVT, for multi-family housing that can greatly reduce floor turnover expenses when compared to carpet or other hard surfaces. There are many wood-like styles to choose from to meet the design demands of any large scale project. SynPlank is 100% waterproof and can be seamlessly installed in all wet areas with minimal preparation.  

SynPlank's glue down installation makes repairing tenant damage so incredibly simple, that your maintenance staff can complete quickly.